Last night at the board meeting we talked a little about the potential for some volunteer involvement on habitat projects up in Polk County.  The trout streams in this area are under the jurisdiction of Aaron Cole, fisheries biologist with the DNR based out of Spooner.  The trout crew working in that region will be doing some habitat improvement work on Wolf Creek this summer and may have need for volunteer help to complete the work.

Another possible chance for volunteer involvement could involve work at Parker Creek in Alden Township south of Amery where we are working  with the county and township to bring about the replacement of a perched culvert on the creek which is preventing the natural migration of brook trout within the stream.  Individuals living in Polk County who are interested in getting involved by volunteering to help with these habitat projects in their backyard are encouraged to contact me to get their names included on the Mail Chimp routing list in order to receive any notices requesting volunteers to help with these projects.

Weather permitting, I hope to continue work upstream of the current Holst easement by clearing out box elders which are currently taking over the banks just downstream of the bridge on Cty Rd. O on the Buckner/Rooney easement.   There are no plans to do bank restoration work here and trees will be cut close to the ground and the stumps will be treated to prevent re-sprouting.  Lack of snow cover will probably prohibit us from doing any more brush burning this spring but, we will be able to pile the brush in neat piles for burning at a future date.

Randy Arnold rarnold@augbiomed.com

BRUSHING REPORT Feb 18 2017, Trimbelle River

There was a great turnout Saturday February 18th with 25 people signing into the log book to register their time. The work got a little more spread out than it has in past weeks with brushing work occurring on three different banks but everyone did a great job in staying focused and finishing up the work which needed to get done. There remains just a little bit of ‘mop-up’ work to be done at the bottom end of the site on the far bank where a little more brush needs to get gathered up and burned.

Randy Arnold, our Habitat Coordinator, is hoping that this early spring like weather will hold off for a little longer and allow for the brushing work to continue on the next easement just upstream of this site. Watch for an upcoming email asking for volunteer help on this. Two items were left behind yesterday at the site which Randy has. The first is a nice deluxe lopper with extendable handles and a ratchet type jaw and the other is someone’s water bottle. . . if either of these items are yours, please let Randy know and he will see that you get them back.

Randy reported that before leaving the site yesterday, he stopped briefly to talk with Mike and Susie Holst the landowners of the easement. . . . they have been continually amazed through these past four workdays by the volunteer turnout and the hard work put in by everyone to get this site prepped for the restoration work which lies ahead this summer. Thanks to all volunteers.

To be included in work day notices, email Randy Arnold at rarnold@augbiomed.com

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