Youth Fishing Camp Scholarship

2018 TU Youth Fishing Camp Scholarship Application

Dates: July 19-22, 2018
Location: Pine Lake Bible Camp, Waupaca, WI

Young people who enjoy the outdoors can now apply for a $250 scholarship to attend the Wisconsin TU Youth Camp. The dates are July 19-22.  All lodging, meals and materials are included; the only cost to parents is transportation to and from Pine Lake Camp. The camp is located 9 miles south of Waupaca, WI.

This annual camp helps kids develop the necessary skills for fresh water trout fishing and other species using conventional tackle and/or fly rods and reels.  In addition to learning fishing skills there is also an emphasis on ethics, conservation, safety and sportsmanship. There will be opportunities for lake fishing and for one-on-one stream fishing with a TU volunteer guide.

Applications and a 300 word essay are due May 1st.  Applications can be mailed to Kiap-TU-Wish, P.O. Box 483, Hudson, WI 54016 or e-mailed to  The committee will notify the selected camper by May 22nd.  All applicants will receive a dozen flies for their submissions.


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TIC Update Feb 2018

Trout In The Classroom Update – Feb 2018

All the classroom’s eggs have hatched; the fry have consumed their egg sacs and now are freely swimming about the tank.  The kids are doing a great job of monitoring pH, nitrates, and ammonia and adjusting the water chemistry as necessary.  The survival rate of this year’s eggs and fry has been phenomenal.  The Rocky Branch Elementary fifth graders have been teaching the entire school about trout, the only downside being that the trout tank attracts so much attention; it has become a bottleneck in the hallway.  A small price to pay, I say!  The Greenwood Elementary and Amery kids have really been enjoying feeding time, which happens to be my favorite time of the day as well.  Also Amery High School is back online after a delay for a broken filter and they have picked up fry from the hatchery.

For next year, we hope to have the Hudson program going again and a new program started at St. Croix Central Elementary.  

Be on the lookout for Bugs in the Classroom volunteer opportunities come spring!

Input Sought for WDNR Statewide Inland Trout Management Plan

WDNR Statewide Inland Trout Management Plan

Stakeholder Group Meeting

January 27, 2018

Stevens Point, WI


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has begun the process of creating a Statewide Inland Trout Management Plan.  Currently, no inland trout management plan exists; so this new plan will support the 10-Year Strategic Plan for Fisheries Management in Wisconsin: 2015-2025.  The scope of the new plan covers inland trout waters only, excluding the Great Lakes, but including Great Lakes tributaries.  Inland brook, brown, rainbow, and lake trout will be included in the management plan.

To obtain public, private, and partner input on the creation of this new plan, WDNR has assembled a group of stakeholders from the 4 state fisheries districts (north, south, east, west).  Eight stakeholders have been selected to represent each district, with members from the following groups: 2 anglers (including 1 TU angler), 1 landowner, 1 “non-consumptive” member (not affiliated with an angler group), 1 tribal representative, 1 WI Conservation Congress member, 1 business/tourism member, and 1 member-at-large.  Kent Johnson from the Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter is the TU angler representing the West District.

The initial meeting of the stakeholder group was held on Saturday, January 27 in Stevens Point, WI.  WDNR staff were on hand to provide background information on Wisconsin’s current trout management program, including the fisheries management structure, funding, public access standards, and major program components, which include: 1) surveys and assessment; 2) stocking and wild trout management; 3) classifications and regulations; 4) habitat development; 5) beaver management; 6) angler access; 7) public education and outreach; and 8) research.  To solicit stakeholder input on these issues and more, WDNR staff asked the following questions:

  1. What do you value about WI’s coldwater trout fishery?
  2. What are your concerns about trout resources and trout management in the future (what are the risks and threats)?
  3. 10 years from now, what would you like to see accomplished via a trout management plan?

Stakeholder feedback at the January 27 meeting particularly emphasized the topics of climate change, stream restoration, public education and outreach (how to nurture the interest and support of future trout lovers), partnerships for trout management, public access, funding and prioritization of resources, and maintaining a strong science- and research-based approach to trout management.

The next stakeholder group meeting is scheduled for March 3 in Stevens Point.  Stakeholder input received by the WDNR at the January 27 and March 3 meetings (and possibly a third meeting) will provide a framework for WDNR staff to prepare a draft inland trout management plan this spring.  After internal review and approval of the draft plan, public meetings on the draft plan will be held sometime this summer.  The ultimate goal is for the WI Natural Resources Board to approve the inland trout management plan by late 2018 or early 2019.

As the West District’s TU angler representative, I am open to hearing any and all of your ideas about issues and topics that should be included in the new WI Inland Trout Management Plan.  As the stakeholder group did, feel free to use the 3 questions above if they’re helpful for your thought process.  Please e-mail your suggestions to me prior to the next stakeholder group meeting on March 3, and I’ll bring your ideas along.  Collectively, we can make this a strong plan for the future of trout management in Wisconsin.  Thanks for your input and support.

Kent Johnson

Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter, Trout Unlimited


Trout in the Classroom: Spawning Run 2018

This year’s spawning run on January 3rd was quite uneventful, weather-wise. No blizzards to contend with or extreme cold. Also, I had a co-pilot with me this year, board member John Kaplan, to keep me pointed in the right direction and to help me answer the tough questions from the kids. We picked up four batches of 300 eggs from the Seven Pines hatchery in Frederic—three  batches for our programs and one for the Menomonie program that was picked up from us in River Falls. We upped the egg amount from 200 to 300 this year because of high mortality last year for some reason. We were told to expect the eggs to hatch within a week. Indeed, the eggs seemed ready to pop, the kids were delighted to see the embryos moving around within the eggs, which was a new experience.

The Amery Intermediate School, under direction of Jeremiah Fisk, again has their tank set up in a central, common area in the school, so all can share the experience. One of his students came up with the interesting idea of adding mussels from the nearby Apple River to aid in filtering the water. Great idea!

Rocky Branch Elementary in River Falls has followed suit and has the tank set-up in the entryway of the school. Since most of Joe Young’s students went through the program last year, these responsible 5th graders are in total charge of monitoring and tank maintenance. They will also be teaching the rest of the school about TIC, while giving presentations to all the grades.

Greenwood Elementary in River Falls, has a new teacher in charge, Steve Papp. His whole class was very engaged and asked great questions.

Both Hudson and Amery High School are taking a year off.

On schedule, the eggs have hatched, and with very low mortality (maybe we had a “bad” batch last year?). Amery only had five to ten eggs that did not make it!

The kids have been very excited in all the classes and rush in to check on the alevins every morning. They are looking forward to when they have consumed their egg sac and they can begin feeding them. —Greg Olson

Latest News Feb 2018

River Falls Fly Fishing Clinic

The date for this season’s Fly Fishing for Trout Clinic is Saturday, June 2nd. The goal of this clinic is and always has been to help connect the citizens of River Falls with the trout stream that runs through the city. We’ve always been lucky to have outstanding volunteers to help in this effort as well as a superb resource like the Kinnickinnic River as a classroom and playground. Let me know if you want to be a part of it; it’s a load of fun.

Last year I promised to do a better job of naming all of our wonderful volunteers. I am embarrassed to note that in September’s article thanking all of the volunteers, I once again forgot a couple of people. First of all, our chapter president, Tom Schnadt, who along with all of the other details of his office (it’s a lot of work to be president here) regularly assists with this clinic by being a superb volunteer. Second of all, Brian Smolinski deserves a huge shout out for all the work he does behind the scenes. Brian orders all the food for the clinic supper, gets it all organized so all we have to do is set it on tables in the park shelter for our students.
Mea Culpa, —Mike Alwin

Upcoming Board Member Election

Kiap-TU-Wish elects board members at its March chapter meeting. This year two board members, Loren Hass and Allison Jacobs, are running for re-election. Suzanne Constantini has been nominated to run in the open board position created by the retirement of the current president, Tom Schnadt. Based on Kiap’s bylaws the immediate past president shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors for the term of his or her successor.

Suzanne grew up in a family that enjoyed trout fishing. Her dad and husband were faithful trout fishermen and always looked forward to opening weekend. Suzanne now joins her husband Ed fly fishing on local streams. Suzanne enjoyed a long career in the nursing profession and held a number of managerial positions during her career. Her skill and talent will be a great asset for the chapter.

Background Information: Positions on the board are three-year terms elected by the general membership at the March chapter meeting. Officer positions are one-year terms elected by the new board at the first March board meeting. The only limit on officer re-election is a maximum term of three years for the treasurer and president.

Kent Johnson Appointed to WDNR Trout Stakeholder Group

Long time Kiap-TU-Wish chapter member Kent Johnson, was recently selected to be on a newly formed WDNR Trout Stakeholder Group representing the Western portion of the state for Trout Unlimited. This team will help the state Department of Natural Resources develop a plan to guide trout management over the next decade. Issues addressed will be trout habitat, stocking and
other management issues in Wisconsin.

The advisory team will meet on three Saturdays this winter beginning January 27th at the Dreyfus Center at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. The WDNR is hoping to brainstorm issues, set broad goals, and define needs, according to Joanna Griffin, the agency’s trout coordinator. Other TU representatives are Tim Fraley, Tom Lager and Laura McFarland from the South, East and North portions of the State respectively. If you would like to provide input to Kent he can be reached at:

Thank You Dean Hansen and Banquet Volunteers!

Thank you Dean Hansen!

This year the winner of the Silver Trout Award, presented at our Holiday Banquet on December 7th, was Dean Hansen. His unbridled passion for aquatic insects was on display to all in attendance, as he happened to be the banquet speaker. He is a great presenter, with incredible photos during his talk. Dean has presented on the subject of aquatic entomology at 20 Great Waters Fly Fishing expos, written 36 articles for Midwest Fly Fishing magazine, and taught over 20 classes at three area fly shops. He is an incredible resource and educator for our area.

We have been so lucky to have Dean presenting at our Trout in the Classroom programs and helping collect and identify insects during our trout release parties at the end of the school year. In 1993, Dean started “Bugs in the Classroom” in area schools. He has continued every year, reaching over 800 children a year. Dean goes beyond showing slides or showing vials of preserved, dead insects. He works hard to find living samples of all the aquatic inserts in our area, insuring that the kids get hands-on learning with what Dean humbly calls the “real stars of the show.” His enthusiasm rubs off on the children and teachers alike, always drawing rave reviews from each.

It is for this outstanding work that Dean was presented the 2017 Silver Trout Award and we look forward to working with him
again this year. Congrats and thanks again Dean! —Greg Olson


A successful banquet!

The 2017 Kiap-TU-Wish Holiday Conservation Banquet was a resounding success. The Banquet Committee achieved their goal of producing an entertaining as well as profitable venture. Dean Hansen delivered one of the most entertaining and dynamic presentations we’ve seen and was the recipient of The Silver Trout Award. We hosted 120 attendees who perused 25 tables of goodies for the silent auction and various raffles. A final accounting will most probably be made at the January meeting. In the meantime the Committee wishes to thank all of you who attended and helped make the banquet a success. Special thanks goes to these enterprises who supported us so generously: Andy Roth at Gray Goat, Kinni Creek Lodge, Tenkara, Scott Sorensen at Fly Box and Co, Hayward Fly Fishing Co, Joe’s Sporting Goods, Laughing Trout, Colleen Manning at Uno Bello Salon, Cardinal Corner Bird Store, Scott Holway at 3M, and Gabe Schubert.

Another shout-out goes to these volunteers who helped us with sorting merchandise, set-up, selling tickets and check-out: Ken Hanson, Maria Manion, Scott Thorp, Bruce Maher, Judy Lutter, John Kaplan, Trish Hannah, Laurie Ashworth, Greg Olson, Mark Peerenboom, Tom Henderson, and Gary Horvath. The Banquet Committee (Allison Jacobs, Deb Alwin, Greg Dietl, Bob Diesch, Scott Wagner, Mike Alwin) wishes to thank Tom Schnadt for leading this incorrigible group through another successful campaign.
The Banquet Committee

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