Next Kinni Corridor Tech Talk set for April 6th

Next Kinni Corridor Tech Talk set for April 6th

The next Kinni Corridor Tech Talk will focus on economic and neighborhood development strategies and principles. Don Ness, former mayor of Duluth, will be speaking on economic and neighborhood development strategies and principles using River Falls’ quality of life, sense of place, and entrepreneurial spirit as guideposts. In 2009, Mayor Ness organized the first St. Louis River Corridor Summit to begin developing a comprehensive vision for the corridor area in his community. His efforts resulted in the St. Louis River Corridor Initiative, a hallmark of his second term.

The goals of this initiative are to:
• Support environmental restoration;
• Enrich neighborhood quality of life;
• Attract new homebuyers;
• Establish new visitor destinations;
• Stimulate economic development.
Mr. Ness’ experience with Duluth’s riverfront development will provide insight and food for thought for the Kinni Corridor planning process. City development staff will talk specifically about River Falls development in remarks before the keynote address. There will be 30 minutes for Q&A at the end of the program.

These “Tech Talks” are intended to educate, inform, and engage the community in the planning process, which will help the City Council design future amenities and natural areas, and, most importantly, determine the fate of the two dams on the Kinni.

The Tech Talk on March 9th was a presentation by Matt Mitro, a coldwater researcher with the Wisconsin DNR; chapter member Kent Johnson with the Metropolitan Council; Marty Melchoir of InterFluve; and Carrie Jennings, Water Resources Professor at the University of Minnesota. The panel was asked six questions, with each lending their insights based on their experience and expertise. Topics covered dealt with urban environments and their impacts to streams; the importance of stormwater management and maintaining healthy riparian corridors; and the movement of sediment and contaminants.

After the formal questions, the panel fielded questions from the floor. The questions—which typically sought more detailed information or clarification on the topics covered—were thoughtful and plentiful. The meeting ended just over the allotted time.

The Thursday, April 6th meeting will be held at St. Bridget’s, which is located next to the public library. Meeting time is 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm.


Upcoming “Tech Talks”
• May 18th: Hydro Facilities & Relicensing
• July 20th: Dam Removal Alternatives
• September 7th: Recreation & Tourism
~ Gary Horvath

Current Chapter News

Kinni Corridor Tech Talk

• St. Bridget’s Catholic Church & School, River Falls, WI
• April 6, 2017
• 6:30PM-8PM

Rush River Clean Up

• Ellsworth Rod & Gun Club
• W3930 Highway 72
• April 22, 2017
• 8:30AM Light Breakfast
• 9AM Disperse to River
• 12PM Lunch

Kinni River Clean Up

• Save the Date
• April 29, 2017
• 9AM-1PM
• See the Kinnickinnic River Land Trust website for details

River Falls Trout Fishing Clinic

• Glen Park, River Falls, WI
• June 3, 2017
• 1PM-9-PM

2017 TU Youth Fishing Camp Scholarship Application

2017 TU Youth Fishing Camp Scholarship Application
Dates: July 20-23, 2017
Location: Pine Lake Bible Camp, Waupaca, WI

Return the attached application form and an essay of 300 words or less as to why you should be selected for this $250 scholarship.

Suggestions to help with your essay are given on the form. You do not have to cover any or all of these suggested points. Every applicant will receive a dozen flies specially selected for local trout streams.

Send by April 30th to:
P.O. Box 483,
Hudson, WI 54016

Click here for PDF download of application>

Trout in the Classroom Fry Release!

5th Graders from Amery Intermediate School and Hudson River Crest Elementary release trout from Kiap-TU-Wish’s  “Trout in the Classroom” project.

Students from Jeremiah Fisk’s 5th grade class in Amery, and John Mueller’s 5th grade class from Hudson River Crest Elementary released trout this week at various locations.

The Trout in the Classroom project (TIC), sponsored by Kiap-TU-Wish, enables students to study and raise trout in a controlled classroom environment. After raising the trout for over 5 months from eggs to fry, they release the trout into a local stream or pond.

For more information on the TIC project please see our page on this site “Trout in the Classroom.”


Welcome to Our New Web Site!

Time for a change.

It has been six years since we’ve updated the site, and thought it was time for a change. The goal of the new site is to bring more current events and call to action, allow for video postings where appropriate, and be more social media friendly.

As always, if you have ideas or suggestions for improving the site, or if you notice any glitches or broken links, please contact us.

We hope you like the new site!

Trout Unlimited Camp Scholarships Available

Youth Camp Scholarship Opportunity

Young people who enjoy the outdoors can now apply for a $250 scholarship to attend the Wisconsin Trout Unlimited Youth Camp July 14-17.  All lodging, meals and materials are included – about the only cost to parents is transportation to and from Pine Lake Camp near Waupaca.

Campers will participate in many events and classes, with lots of time for fishing and other outdoor activities.  Campers from across Wisconsin will stay in a camp building – no leaky tent roofs or soggy sleeping bags!

In addition to learning the skills necessary for trout fishing (spin-fishing and fly tackle), emphasis is also on ethics, conservation, safety and sportsmanship. There will be opportunities for lake fishing, and for one-on-one stream fishing with a TU volunteer guide.

The Chapter has set aside funds for a boy or a girl, ages 12 to 16, to attend this camp.

If you know of a potential “camper”, please request an application form from Kiap-TU-Wish by sending a brief note with contact information to P.O. Box 483, Hudson, WI 54016.

The Chapter will send back an application form and suggestions for writing a brief essay as to why a youth wants to attend.  Deadline for applying is April 1st – essays must be received by April 20th.

Application for applying for the Youth Scholarship is April 1st.  Essays need to be in by April 20th.



Youth Camp Application PDF

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