Kiap-TU-Wish advocates conserving Wisconsin’s habitat for wild trout such as brook and brown trout.


Kiap-TU-Wish advocates for policies and programs that enhance populations of Wisconsin’s wild salmonids, such as brook and brown trout.


Kiap-TU-Wish uses a number of different approaches to improve stream flows and trout habitat.


Supporting conservation-based angling regulations, Kiap-TU-Wish works to ensure state angling regulations are scientifically based and that they focus on maintaining sustainable populations of wild trout. Kiap-TU-Wish spreads the word about the scientific, economic, recreational and cultural values of wild trout in a wide variety of ways. This includes chapter meetings, participating in the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo, annual fly fishing clinics, and our “Trout in the Classroom” educational program for youth.



Protecting stream flows in trout rivers. Kiap-TU-Wish uses a number of different approaches to protect and improve stream flows for Western Wisconsin’s coldwater fisheries. We are continuing our long-standing commitment working with water users and local government in watersheds of the Kinnickinnic and Rush rivers to improve and protect stream flows.

Monitoring of the Kinnickinnic to determine the impact of storm water run-off is an important part of this process.

To be an advocate implies that you are active in regard to a cause you care about. It includes the identification of a cause, taking up that cause gladly and readily, and, perhaps most importantly, promoting it. For TU members, the cause is well defined in the mission statement: to conserve, protect, and restore coldwater fisheries and their headwaters in western Wisconsin. Certainly, as we take care the habitat, the fishing will take care of itself. However, the habitat will not take care of itself—we must see that it gets done.


In recent decades, conservation practices have helped control erosion on the ridges and hillsides, but streams still bear the scars of degrading land uses. In an effort to recover this unique natural resource Kiap-TU-Wish collaborative efforts to restore watersheds, stream, and fish to benefit the environment and local communities of western Wisconsin.

The goals of Kiap-TU-Wish are to restore watersheds and improve water quality by reducing sediment and to protect and restore habitat for fish and other non-game species.

Kiap-TU-Wish Calendar

7:00 pm Chapter Meeting – Annual Busines...
Chapter Meeting – Annual Busines...
Mar 7 @ 7:00 pm
Annual business meeting. Elect new board members Speakers: Nate Anderson, WDNR Habitat 2018 Habitat work Barb Scott, WDNR Fish Survey Results
5:00 pm R4F – River Falls Fly Fishing Fe...
R4F – River Falls Fly Fishing Fe...
Mar 9 @ 5:00 pm
R4F –  River Falls Fly Fishing Festival When: Friday, March 9th – Doors @ 5pm | Films @ 7pm Where: 501 Wild Rose Ave., River Falls, WI 54022 Riverview Ballroom – University Center | UWRF Campus Cost: $15 –[...]

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