Parker Creek Brushing

Kiap Volunteers on a Winter Work Day

Brushing  and Restoration Work:

Work on Parker Creek during in the past few years included approximately one mile of stream and bank restoration. Sixty-one structures were built and placed. Work on Parker in 2009-11 was pretty intensive and included a lot of restoration of steep banks with hand seeding and mulching. We had excellent volunteer numbers on Parker. The DNR and volunteers worked from the crossing at County J downstream to Pleasant Avenue, about one mile of stream. We averaged 12 volunteers per night. Many box elders were removed; a lot of seeding and mulching of stream banks had to be done by hand because of the meanders and some steep hill sides. Randy’s renovated mulcher continued to work without a hitch.

During the winter of 2012-2013, volunteers cleared box elders from Parker’s banks upstream of County Hwy J. This was done to prevent re-infestation of the restored stretch. The remaining stumps were removed by the DNR with bulldozers in September, 2013.

Kiap-TU-Wish continues its hard work and efforts to protect and restoring this important resource. Photos below show the project work.



Thanks to the very steady crew of volunteers who showed up and worked at 
Parker Creek last winter and through the spring and summer.

Parker Creek Update

2014: Below Pleasant Avenue near River Falls and Beldonville, Parker Creek flows through more than two miles of brushy, box elder infested land before reaching the Kinni. A winter access road had been created by the DNR starting from the parking lot on Pleasant. Tree cutting and brushing began on Saturday, January 18. The piles of dry wood, branches, and tree tops are being burned as we go.

Before each work day, notices are being sent out and also posted on this web site. As of early February, a couple hundred feet of the river is fishable from the bank.Volunteers are welcome to bring a chain saw plus safety equipment, or simply pile brush for a couple of hours and enjoy roasting brats on the fire.

Oct 22 First Aid Training

Recently, the WDNR added a new requirement that chainsaw operators at TU chapter brushing events needed to be certified in First Aid . To meet this requirement, Randy Arnold with the help of Nate Anderson organized a First Aid class.  The class was held Sunday, 10/22...

Fishing Clinic Volunteers: A Big Thank You!

The River Falls Fly Fishing For Trout Clinic is scheduled for June 3rd, from 1:00 to 9:00 PM. Our students will get a phenomenal introduction to this wonderful sport and will experience everything from casting and knot tying, to entomology, wading safety and fishing...

TIC Volunteers Needed

Bugs In The Classroom: Dr. Dean Hansen has graciously offered to do Bugs in the Classroom again this year for the 5th graders, as the kids had an awesome experience with it last year. We will need 3-4 volunteers to shuttle the kids through the various bug stations and...

Kiap-TU-Wish Calendar

7:00 pm Chapter Meeting – Matt Mitro
Chapter Meeting – Matt Mitro
Jan 3 @ 7:00 pm
Matt Mitro – WDNR Coldwater Fisheries Research Scientist Matt will present “Wisconsin’s Inland Trout Populations: A 2018 Update on Trends and Research” a brief overview of recently completed and ongoing trout research projects including (1)[...]
7:00 pm Chapter Meeting – Rich Ostoff
Chapter Meeting – Rich Ostoff
Feb 7 @ 7:00 pm
Speaker: Rich Osthoff, Local guide and author Topic: Flyfishing the Driftless; Techniques and Strategies. One hour presentation with some video excerpts
7:00 pm Chapter Meeting – Annual Busines...
Chapter Meeting – Annual Busines...
Mar 7 @ 7:00 pm
Annual business meeting. Elect new board members Speakers: Nate Anderson, WDNR Habitat 2018 Habitat work Barb Scott, WDNR Fish Survey Results

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