The City of River Falls wrapped up its Kinnickinnic River Corridor Planning Charrette on October 28 with a public presentation of design concepts generated during the four-day workshop. The charrette results—which included scenarios in which the dams were removed or left in place—can be found by searching the web for “Kinni River Corridor Project” or visiting the City of River Falls website.

With the tech talks and charrette now concluded, the difficult task of determining the fate of the two dams comes front and center. On December 7, the Kinni Corridor Committee will begin deliberations on their recommendation to the City Council which is due January 25. During this time period, the Utility Advisory Board will discuss relicensing of the hydro stations. Their board will meet on December 18 to
discuss the relicensing and then follow that with a public hearing on January 15. The public hearing on January 15 is a critical meeting and chapter members should attend to voice support for dam removal. Upon completion of the public hearing, the Utility Advisory Board will provide their recommendation to the Kinni Corridor Committee before the committee’s January 25 recommendation deadline to the Council.

The River Falls City Council is tentatively scheduled to address the issue at their regular meeting on February 13. Dates for public hearings on the dams are not known at this time, but they are critically important, so please watch for the dates and plan on attending. Look for more information in the January issue of RipRap, on our website, on Facebook, or sign up for our email alerts by contacting Randy Arnold at — Gary Horvath

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