Welcome to the Drift   | A message from our Chapter President

Every month we’ll be posting current information as it relates to our chapter from a local, regional, and national perspective. If there are items that you would like discussed or particular questions relating to our chapter, please contact me.


Tom Schnadt
President, Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Great Waters Expo:

The Expo will be held at Hamline University on March 16th – March 18th. There are several improvements planned this year: 25% more booth space, a 75’ pool for spey and roll casting demonstrations, and improved free parking on campus. We need volunteers to staff Kiap’s conservation booth, which is a fun activity and a great way for Kiap-TU-Wish members to get involved. No experience required! If you’re interested in staffing the booth, please contact me: thschnad@hotmail.com or 651-245-5163.

Wilson Creek:

Kudos to all of the hearty souls that have been brushing and burning on Wilson Creek. Subzero temperatures have not deterred volunteers from getting out and helping with this project. A big thanks to Randy Arnold, Loreen Haas, Steve Cox, John Skelton and Peter Kilibarda who dedicated extra time during the week to get fire pyramids prepared for the weekend work. The reward for this effort—beyond the camaraderie around the lunch fire and roasted hotdogs—will be fishing this fine stretch of stream for brookies sometime in the future.

River Falls Dam Position Statement:

On January 8th the Kiap-TU-Wish Board of Directors sent a letter to the Kinni Corridor Project Committee outlining the chapter’s position on the benefits of removing both the Powell Falls Dam and the Junction Falls Dam. A detailed appendix was included outlining the ecological benefits of removing the Kinnickinnic River dams. Members can read the position statement by clicking here. There is one final Kinni Corridor Committee meeting scheduled for January 25th. The Committee’s recommendation goes to the City Council on February 25th and then the Council takes action on the 27th. Watch for more information by email, Facebook and our website.

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