Welcome to the Drift   | A message from our Chapter President

Every month we’ll be posting current information as it relates to our chapter from a local, regional, and national perspective. If there are items that you would like discussed or particular questions relating to our chapter, please contact me.


Tom Schnadt
President, Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Great Waters Expo:

Comments from the Great Waters Expo at Hamline University were positive. The additional space for casting demos was a plus. The chapter sold over $600 in flies thanks to the generosity of Paul Johnson and PerryPalin. It was gratifying to have so many trout enthusiasts stop by the booth and thank the chapter for its habitat restoration work. Thanks to Ken Hanson, Jim Kojis, Mark Stofferahn, Trish Hannah, Gary Richardson, Perry Palin, Norm Michel, Jon Jacobs, Greg Dietl, Scott Wagner, John Kaplan, Randy Arnold, Ryan Meyers and Perry Palin for helping staff
the booth. Also, thanks to Maria Manionfor updating the booth with Trout in the
Classroom photos.


In addition to this spring’s TIC activities, Kiap will be participating in educational classes and demonstrations at the Ellsworth Middle
School near Maiden Rock on Friday, May 5th; at Meyer Middle School on Friday, May 12th; and at Greenwood Elementary School on Wednesday, May 17th. If you’re interested in helping out with these activities or upcoming TIC classes contact me at thschnad@hotmail.com or my cell#: 651-245-5163. Your help is always appreciated


The Economic Impact of Trout Angling in the Driftless Area:

The just released survey was conducted by Donna Anderson, Ph.D., a private consultant at the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse. The survey contained questions developed in collaboration with TU pertaining to the following:
• Demographic characteristics of visiting anglers
• Angler habits, including number of visits and length of time spent visiting the Driftless Area, and fishing activity preferences
• Visit-related expenditures within the Driftless Area
One of the conclusions of the report is that “The direct spending by visiting anglers, government agencies, and non-government organizations adds well over $413 million to the Driftless Area economy each year. The secondary and ripple effects of the spending
results in an additional estimated amount of over $670 million added to the Driftless Area economy each year.” The survey summary is available on Kiap’s website here.

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