From The Field: An Update

Kiap-TU-Wish representatives met with the WDNR to get an update on the status of the Trimbelle/Gutting project, as well as to see what future projects are in the works for Pierce County streams. The start of tree and brush removal at the Trimbelle/Gutting site is on hold until the finalities of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) grant are worked out and the contract signed. This is expected to occur sometime in mid to late January at which point in time we would concentrate our brushing efforts on this site to get it ready for the bank work slated for this summer.

In the meantime, the chapter was asked to spearhead the effort to remove the box elders and other invasive trees and bushesm from a half-mile stretch of Wilson Creek just over the border in Dunn County. This stretch of water is scheduled to be restored with funding coming from another NRCS grant. Bank restoration is scheduled for this coming summer as well. Though technically situated in the Clear Waters TU chapter area, Nate Anderson (habitat crew leader from the WDNR) felt that tapping into the strength and organization of the Kiap-TUWish habitat volunteer crew was his best option in terms of assuring that the work at Wilson Creek gets completed.

We are currently working in concert with the Clear Waters chapter on this project. Our first full workday at Wilson was on December 9. Twenty-eight (28) volunteers logged in, including eight from Clearwaters and two or three others who forgot to record their hours. With close to 2,000 box elders at this site, it will take a continued strong showing of volunteer support in order to finish the effort at Wilson Creek. I will continue to schedule workdays at the Wilson Creek site until such time as we get the go-ahead to begin work at the Trimbelle/Gutting site. The Wilson Creek site is located just east of Knapp, Wisconsin, downstream of the County Road O bridge and continuing downstreamto the 190th Street bridge.

Any individuals not currently on the habitat volunteer list who are interested in getting involved with tree/brush removal at this site or at the Gutting/Trimbelle site should contact me at randyca999@ to have their name added to the list of those receiving workday notices.
Randy Arnold

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