The CPR/First Aid training class is all set up for this Sunday Oct. 22nd at the DNR Service Center in Baldwin, WI.  The training is necessary for our winter habitat work crews to stay in compliance with DNR regulations regarding workplace safety.  I need to have 2-3 CPR/First Aid trained personnel on site anytime that the chapter is engaged in brushing/logging operations involving the use of chainsaws. I currently have about 10 volunteers from my habitat crew as well as 5 members of the Clear Waters TU chapter who have committed to taking the class.  The instructor is willing to accommodate up to 35 students in the class.  Outside of our workdays, this is valuable training to have and, I would hope that others would take advantage of this opportunity.  The class will begin at 9:00 and end sometime around 4:00 with lunch provided.  Please let me know via email if you would like to participate in this class.  I hope to begin winter habitat work as soon as there is any snow cover on the ground but, this training needs to happen first. — Randy Arnold

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