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Every month we’ll be posting current information as it relates to our chapter from a local, regional, and national perspective. If there are items that you would like discussed or particular questions relating to our chapter, please contact me.


Tom Schnadt
President, Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Wisconsin State Council Meeting:

Legislative Chair, Henry Koltz, offered insightful discussion on important conservation issues that will be addressed at the legislature this session. In brief:
• efforts to split the DNR don’t appear to have legislative support
• there appears to be growing support for periodic review of high capacity wells
• there doesn’t seem to be interest in additional sale of Wisconsin state land
• there is general agreement to ban net pen aquaculture on the Great Lakes
• there is general agreement by sportsman’s groups for a $5.00 fee increase on user fees such
as the trout stamp. The fee increase is designed to provide funding for habitat programs.

Advocacy Training:

As an outgrowth of the challenging political environment, the River Alliance, in tandem with Wisconsin TU, offered advocacy training at the WIisconsin Council Meeting. Randy Arnold, Gary Horvath, Scott Wagner and myself participated. The training provided an easy-to follow template on how to effectively engage public officials. If advocacy is of interest to you, please contact any Kiap board member to learn more. As an aside, I was surprised to learn how attuned public office holders are to constituents that contact them via phone, letter, e-mail or in person. Your efforts are noted and do influence legislators’ stance on conservation issues.

Wisconsin Banquet Awards:

Greg Dietl , long time Kiap member, received a certificate of appreciation for his many years of service to Trout Unlimited. Marty Engel, recently retired WDNR fish biologist, received the Robert Hunt Resource Professional award for over 30 years of conservation work.


Recent staffing issues with the WDNR may force them to skip or reduce their summer mowing program in 2017. Kiap’s board is working with the WDNR to figure out how to continue this popular program.

Great Waters Expo 3/17-3/19:

Please consider signing up to staff Kiap’s booth at the Expo. It is a good time and great way to meet fellow trout anglers. Time slots are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can be reached via e-mail, thschnad@hotmail.com or cell, 651-245-5163. ~Tom Schnadt

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