Chapter Meeting – May 2024

Chapter Meeting: May 7, 2024
Juniors Restaurant and Tap House
414 South Main Street, River Falls Wisconsin

Meeting starts at 7:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00pm (your dime)

Following chapter announcements and prize drawings, Dustin Shurrer, Limited -Term Employee (LTE) of Senior Fisheries Biologist Kasey Yallaly will update us on fish survey results conducted in 2023, and Habitat Specialist Nate Anderson, will present an overview of 2023 stream restoration projects and plans for future projects. For those of you who cannot attend, the meeting will be streamed in real time on our newly created YouTube channel. 


Please email us at

Kiap-TU-Wish has always supported youth getting involved in fly fishing, and over the last several years our inventory of flies to donate has shrunk. We will be providing flies to those taking the June River Falls Fly Fishing Clinic and those at the Pheasants Forever event (and elsewhere). Bob Trevis, our chapter’s Fly Wrangler, is asking those coming to the May meeting to purge their fly boxes of a half-dozen trout flies and a half-dozen panfish flies. SIzes 14, 12 and 10 are preferred – no 18s or smaller, please. See Bob at the meeting, and thanks in advance!

Kiap-TU-Wish’s Tree Whisperer

Kiap-Tu-Wish’s Tree Whisperer: Last spring Don Fritz was one of the volunteers who helped plant trees at both Wilson and Cady Creeks. Don lives on a nearby bluff overlooking the Cady site. Fisheries Biologist Kasey Yallaly was concerned about the survival of the newly planted trees at the Cady site due to the severe drought conditions our area was experiencing. Thankfully, Don offered to keep an eye on them during the summer. Over the course of the summer, he drove down to the site with his ATV, towing a wagon containing a portable pump and hose, and, with the help of his wife Katie and friend Al Schmalz, they kept the trees watered and  in good shape through the summer. 

Don volunteered again to assist with the tree planting last week at Gilbert Creek and trailered over his ATV and watering setup. With an assist from Tom Schnadt, the two of them followed behind those of us planting trees  and gave each one a good soaking.  Don has volunteered to keep an eye on this new batch of trees over the summer to make sure that they survive this critical first year after planting.

So all of us at Kiap-TU-Wish would like to say “Thank You” to Don for making sure the trees at Cady and Gilbert Creek will get a chance to thrive in their new environment.

Fly Tyers Corner

Fly Tyers Corner:

Jonathan Jacobs’ x-Caddis

Hook:  Firehole Outdoors #419 16-18
Thread:  Magpie Materials Red 72D
Shuck:  Straight Zelon, Caddis Tan
Body:  Antron 100% pure, Hare’s ear color
Wing:  x-Caddis hair

From the Editor:
Since it’s Spring here in the Driftless, I felt that it might be a good idea for a bit of education on the life cycle of an important trout food source the Caddisflies: Order Trichoptera.

I contacted my good friend and fly fisher Jonathan Jacobs and asked him if he would consider putting together a brief video-based treatise on Caddisflies. Naturally, Jon, being the good guy that he is, consented. So, we have for your viewing pleasure, two enlightening videos that will give you a pretty nice overview of Caddisflies. You can find them by going to Jon’s YouTube channel at these addresses.,

The first video covers the life cycle of the Caddis and Jon shows us a bunch of patterns that mimic every stage of Caddis development starting with the larvae and progressing to the pupa, and finally the adult. In the second video, Jon ties his version of the x-Caddis, a fly every local angler should carry.

So thank you Jonathan for taking time to do this for us. I’m sure every one viewing will find a few nuggets that will up their catch rate over this coming season.

Election of Kiap-TU-Wish Board Members

Election of Kiap-TU-Wish Board Members

Board elections will take place during the April 2nd chapter meeting at Juniors Restaurant and Tap House in River Falls Wisconsin.

Listed below are Kiap-TU-Wish board recommended nominees and positions. Nominations from Kiap-TU-Wish’s general chapter membership will be considered as well. If you as a member of Kiap-TU-Wish would like to submit a board nomination, please do so by contacting the chapter board at:  

Suzanne Constantini: Board member / President 
Brock Flowers: Board member / Vice President 
Gary Horvath: Currently in year 2 as a board member / Treasurer 
Missie Hanson: Board member / Secretary
Linda Radimecky: Board member
Matt Janquart: Board member
Greg Olson: Board member / Ex-Officio

Bios of each candidate can by found on the Kiap-TU-Wish website by clicking HERE

Image by photoroyalty on Freepik

River Falls Film Festival

Friday’s River Falls Fly Fishing Festival (R4F) gave many of us a chance to see each other in person, which long overdue, and to celebrate our own Mr. Steady, Gary Horvath, being honored as the national Conservationist of the Year by Fly Fisherman magazine.  A full house of over 500 folks gave Gary a standing ovation and Fly Fisherman Editor Ross Purnell (Right) and Simms Fishing Products Marketing Director John Frazier (Left) gave Gary a check for $10,000 which will go toward the city’s share of the feasibility study with the Corps of Engineers. 

Here’s what John Frazier had to say: “We have partnered with Fly Fisherman on the Conservationist of the Year award for many years. It always feels great to celebrate the achievements of individuals such as Gary Horvath,” says John Frazier of Simms Fishing Products. “But it’s also fundamentally essential to amplify their successes in a way that illustrates the fact that positive steps forward in the conservation landscape can happen, and they are happening. It’s our hope that highlighting these individuals and more importantly, their achievements will serve as an inspiration to others to engage, get involved, and take action.”

Greg Olson, president of Kiap-TU-Wish TU, told the magazine, “We’re grateful to Simms and to Fly Fisherman for recognizing Gary as the Conservationist of the Year,” Olson said. “It was rewarding to have his efforts over the past 30 years recognized, but more importantly it will raise awareness of our continuing efforts to raise money for the feasibility study. The R4F event was the perfect place to celebrate our successes and bring our community together. It was the perfect venue and a packed house!