Hook: 2x long fine wire dry fly hook, #16-18 for local waters, #12-14 Western waters
Thread: Olive
Body: Mixture of Antron and natural fibers in grey, tan, or olive. Chopped caribou added for #12-14
Wing: Canadian goose feather treated with Flexament on both sides
Hackle: Dun colored saddle hackle
Optional: White or orange color calf-tail post for added visibility

This is the most prominant fly in my arsenal. I only fish dry fliesand on occassion may fish a streamer. In the absence of any
hatch activity, this is my go-to fly.

I prefer to fish this fly up-stream and will cast to rises if they occur; otherwise I go prospecting and try to entice a hungry trout into taking what
they think is a tasty morsel.

After hooking multiple fish, the tent shape wing becomes battered and frayed, making the fly ride even lower in the water and thus giving it the
added bonus of appearing as an emerging caddis with no decline in the fly’s effectiveness.

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