One of my favorite all-time flies is the Lage Stop & Go Soft Hackle.  This pattern was developed by one of the real treasures in our little corner of the fly fishing world, Randy Lage.

Several years ago, Randy was fishing some off-colored water on the South Branch of the Whitewater River.  He was using a fly he called the Caution Fly.  It was a soft hackle fly tied with a black body and gold wire.  The fly was not working as well as he had hoped so off he went to his fly tying vise.  Randy had just returned from a trip to Lake Taneycomo in Branson, so the materials for a local favorite fly from there, the Crackleback, were on the top of his tying kit.  So he pulled out a spool of green tinsel. Now what to add to it?  Red wire, some dubbing and a partridge feather.  Voilà, the Stop & Go was born.  Red and green, get it?

I was introduced to this pattern by Randy one evening at Laughing Trout.  Never one to leave well enough alone (a recurring theme in these columns), I had to make some changes.  So I switched to red tying thread and changed the thorax to Superbright Peacock Dubbing.  Now I have the Lage Stop & Go Soft Hackle.

I fish this fly from early spring to late fall.  Randy designed the fly to be fished using the typical soft hackle technique of casting down and across the stream.  I like to fish it as the bottom fly of a two-fly rig under an indicator.  

You should tie some of these flies up and give them a try.  It just might become one of your favorite flies as well.

Hook: Size 16 Scud Hook

Thread: 14/0 Red

Abdomen: Holographic Green Tinsel, size medium

Rib: Red wire, size Brassie

Thorax: Wapsi Superbright Peacock Dubbing

Wing: Hungarian Partridge

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