We are kicking off our Chance Drawings!

This event combined with the Auction and Hap Lutter Appeal are where most of the chapters funding comes from for the entire year!  From a Trout in the Classroom chiller to a ton of rock needed for a stream restoration, we use the proceeds to help fund the chapters yearly activities.  

The Auction will start on March 10th and continue until March 21st.  More details later.  Let me just say the trips, experiences, and items on the auction are better than ever!  The 2 X 100 chance drawings will start now, with the winners drawn on March 21st.

The first item, a beautiful painting by our 2022 Silver Trout Award artist, Joshua Cunningham! 

12″ x 16″ oil on linen painting titled “Stonehammer.”   A stretch of the Rush River painted in very early spring that should be recognizable to most anglers in our chapter.  If not, you should seek it out (just not when I am fishing there)!

In Joshua’s words:  

“Stonehammer”, was painted on the Rush River in the quiet spring of 2020. The shelter in place orders were loosened, allowing us to fish, hike, and plein air paint…as long as we were outside we were okay, which is a good rule of thumb regardless. 

I was captivated by the way the shadow of the cliff rolled across the bottom of the crystal clear river while connecting and contrasting the foreground and background of the scene. It was very challenging. I abandoned the first attempt, wiping the canvas and painting a different stretch of the river. But the scene wouldn’t leave me, so I went back, to try again.

This is the second attempt, and even then I had to make a couple more visits. With each visit I would layer the brush strokes to adequately express the light filtering through innumerable buds and branches, while having enough interest and reflected light in the shadow side of a cliff without undermining the integrity of the light effect. It had rained between visits, and the waters had muddied a bit, but all around me spring was pushing through. Trout lilies were blooming, goslings were paddling along the far shore, the water would sparkle along the ripple of a rising fish. Despite the challenges …I couldn’t have been more please that I had stayed with it, and even more so know, knowing that a few years later, my work can contribute to the excellent work of KIAP-TU-WISH.

Only 100 tickets will be sold at $20 a ticket.  You know you want (or is it “need”) this original painting of one the most iconic fishing spots in state!  Get your ticket(s) NOW!!!

The second item is a beautiful Norling bamboo rod!  

The rod is a 5-wt, 7′ 6″ rod with two tips, agate guides, rod sock & brushed aluminum travel tube with brass cap by renowned rod makers Dave Norling Sr. and Dave Norling Jr.   

Only 100 tickets will be sold at $20 a ticket.  You know you want (or is it “need”) this heirloom quality rod!  Get your ticket(s) NOW!!!

To purchase tickets, email Greg Olson at driftless23@gmail.com.  I will let you know if we have tickets remaining (I will be sending mailchimp updates once a week).  You can either send me a check made out to KIAP-TU-WISH or pay on-line via our website, specifying which drawing your donation is for (but email me first to make sure we have tickets left!).  I will also have both items at our February and March chapter meetings, selling tickets at Juniors, if any tickets are left.   


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