Rush River Clean Up

Ruah River Clean up

A recent clean-up garnered over 210 volunteers that gathered mountain of garbage–1,300 lbs. of trash, 1,280 lbs.of tires, 460 lbs. of recyclables and 440 lbs.of scrap metal–from the river.

Rush River Clean-up

Say thanks by helping with the Rush River Clean-up One way to say thanks, is to participate in the annual Rush River Clean-Up project, held every spring since 2003. Headed up each year by the project champion Sarah Sanford, the Eau Galle Rush River Sportsman’s Club (with plenty of TU manpower), and other volunteers from Minnesota and Wisconsin, will their annual pilgrimage to clean up cans, tires and other trash from the Rush River.

This is your chance to help clean-up effort helps keep the river pristine and enhances the relationship between anglers and land owners. Folks such as yourself, young and old, boys and girls, gather to take part in cleaning up the river for a day. It’s one small way to give back to landowners and the trout for all of the joy and pleasure we receive by being lucky enough to fish on this outstanding resource.

For an excellent video as shown on Ron Schara’s Minnesota Bound, please click here>>

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