Become a Kiap-TU-Wish Member

We'd love to have you as a member, whether or not you fish.

Want to become a Kiap-TU-Wish chapter member?     

We’d love to have you! 

The Kiap-TU-Wish chapter meets the first Wednesday of the month – from September to May – to discuss conservation issues, plan work days on our home waters, organize fundraisers, and of course, swap a few fish tales and learn how to tie the latest fly patterns. 

Are you ready to join with us? 

There are so many reasons to join Trout Unlimited: 

  • Meet new fishing buddies (350+ Kiap-TU-Wish member fishing buddies just waiting for you)
  • Get involved with local projects that make fishing better
  • Learn from peers and share your knowledge
  • Add your voice to the conversation
  • The amazing TROUT magazine
  • Many many more

So if the cost of the $35 annual membership is stopping you from trying out TU here is a great deal for you. How about the first year for 50% off? 


Trout-MagazineVisit the National TU web site membership page to join. Once registered, National TU will assign you to a local chapter.  All members also receive TROUT, TU’s award-winning color magazine. You’ll get four issues a year, full of conservation news, updates on TU activities, grassroots success stories, and fishing destinations. You’ll also receive their beautiful trout calendar.

How Do I Get Assigned to Kiap-TU-Wish?

Quite often we receive requests from individuals wanting to know how to become a Trout Unlimited member with our Kiap-TU-Wish chapter. They often ask who in our chapter can process their membership, or where they should send their check. Unfortunately, all memberships need to be processed through the national Trout Unlimited office in Arlington, Virginia.

Kiap-TU-Wish does not handle membership information, payment of annual dues, or assigning chapter designation. That is handled through the national office. We have provided information and links below to help with that process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are signing up to become a new TU member, the national office will assign you to a chapter according to your zip code unless you follow the steps listed below. You will not receive Kiap-TU-Wish news or other important chapter information if you are assigned to another chapter.

Setting up a New Membership

Go to and select #168 Kiap-TU-Wish from the Wisconsin options in the drop down box. When you do this, you will remain in Kiap-TU-Wish every time you renew your membership (even if you move elsewhere, at which point you can call or e-mail TU to have them update your information).


Memberships: Stay with Kiap-TU-Wish!

Some of our members have had their chapter affiliation designated elsewhere. Most often this occurs when our Minnesota members renew. To remain in Kiap-TU-Wish – or to help others who might encounter this situation – please take a look at the following suggestions.


Designating Kiap-TU-Wish

E-mail and ask them to change your membership to #168 Kiap-TU-Wish. Make it known that you would like this to be a permanent designation.


Other Membership Profile Changes

Members can update contact information by either going to and editing their profile, sending email to or by calling 1-800-834-2419 (between 9am-7pm Eastern M-F ).



All annual dues goes directly to the National TU office in Arlington Virginia. We sustain our chapter and fund stream restoration projects through grant writing and fund raising.


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