Trimbelle River – Tire Removal

Trimbelle River Tire Clean-up

In 2011, eleven volunteers, working under the direction of Area Fisheries Manager Marty Engel and Barbara Scott of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), turned out Saturday to remove waste tires from the Trimbelle River. The project area location was approximately a quarter mile upstream of the bridge at 570th Street.

Upstream from 570th avenue there is a tributary coulee that is usually dry, but it was used as a disposal site for used tires several decades ago. High water events occasionally carry old tires into the Trimbelle. In past years, the Trimbelle Rod and Gun Club periodically removed them. The Kiap-TU-Wish chapter of Trout Unlimited and other volunteers removed another 217 tires from the river. This will recur periodically unless a more permanent solution is implemented.


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