Eradicator is a foam caddis pattern that is part of a dry dropper rig and will float beadhead nymphs. It also serves as a strike indicator. This fly’s name pokes a little fun at pattern names that go to the extreme in describing how successful an angler might be when using such a fly. Names like Irresistible, Warden’s Worry, Mickey Finn, Slumpbuster, Shop Vac, Ray Charles, come to mind.

This pattern is as much Ed’s as it is mine. He has provided lots of input to the design. While out fishing one day, Ed asked me if I had any caddis patterns that could float a tungsten bead nymph. I came up with a foam and deer hair wing pattern and over the past few years, we have tweaked it some. Last year I had the opportunity to sit next to Mike Alwin and watch him tie up several Skip Wet flies that utilize a green Krystal Flash rib. Right there I decided the Eradicator needed to have this feature. The most recent change is the use of hot pink yarn as an indicator. It is much more visible for our older eyes than the orange foam I used previously. 

Hey! Eradicator rhymes with indicator. Weird!


Hook – #14 Firehole 633 nymph hook (heavier hook so the fly lands upright)

Thread – Tan Danville 6/0

Body – Natural hares ear

Rib – Green Krystal Flash

Under Wing – Tan 2mm foam strip width of hook gap. Trim off rear corners. 

Middle wing – Silver Congo Hair from Fly Tyers Dungeon (substitute EP trigger point?) – I trim this wing a little longer than the foam.

Over Wing – Deer hair – same length as the foam.

Indicator – Hot Pink Yarn

My favorite dry/dropper rig has been a #14 Eradicator dry with a #16 Shop Vac dropper. I like to tie 5x tippet off of a 4X leader and leave about 4” of 4X tag on my surgeon’s knot. The dry gets tied on the tag and the nymph on the 5X point. I use Shop Vacs tied with both tungsten and brass beads so I can choose my sink rates for various water depths. I use other beaded nymphs but the Shop Vac has been a real winner and is my go to nymph pattern.

If you want to know more about my inspiration for this fly name, you can check out this YouTube video from 1989.  If you watch this video, I ask that you shout out the name every time you hook a fish with one.

If you’d like more information about tying this pattern just shoot me an email. My address is on this website under Contact Us

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