By Greg Olson

When Sarah Sanford accepted my invitation to be our January speaker, I knew we were going to be in for something wonderful;  perhaps wild, probably wacky, but certainly wonderful.  I told her the topic was up to her…. just make it related to fish (please!) and waited and wondered.  When she finally gave me her idea at the Holiday Banquet, I had to check with her the next day to make sure I heard right.  I had!  So without further adieu, KIAP-TU-WISH brings you…….!

An Evening with Eben, Barbara, and Sarah
Hear music, see fish photos (narrated by Sarah), meet the Uninvited Mermaid!
Barbara and Eben Gillespie are lovely Minneapolis residents who make beautiful music together. They once invited strangers from the internet to a 60’s music jam in their north Minneapolis basement. Sarah Sanford went to sing and learned they weren’t axe murderers at all! Eb and Barb will share from their enormous repertoire of acoustic music from the 60’s to the present. Sarah has promised that the songs will all be about fishing.

Here is the lowdown!

Join us, January 2nd at Juniors (Radisson Hotel) in downtown River Falls (414 S. Main St.), for Sarah, Eben and Barbara.

Dinner menu will be available at 6 pm, with the program starting at 7 pm.

We are not even going to attempt this with ZOOM, but hey, you are going to want to be there in person!  We have never done anything like this before, don’t miss out!  This is going to be too fun!!!

Also the book swap will return!  You know the drill by now.  Bring your fishing/outdoor books you wish to swap out.  If you don’t have any to bring, you can still pick from other members offerings.  If you brought a book that was not picked up, please bring it back home with you. 

Also, this is one of the last chances to bring in items for our February Auction.  We would appreciate your help!

Thanks and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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