Things You Ought To Know – a lot of stuff going on.  We need you!!!!

First off, drag isn’t always evil.  I have found that a little twitch when the fly is upstream or skitter when the fly floats past you can elicit a strike during upper Kinni stonefly hatches the past couple of weeks.  A size #16 caddis seems to do the trick.  Proof:
We will present our chapter awards at our May chapter meeting.  You can nominate someone in the following categories:

Gold Trout Award
Given to chapter member who has served as a Board Member or Chapter Officer.
Given in recognition of long-term leadership and service to the chapter.
Silver Trout Award
Given to chapter member, non-member, or deserving entity or organization.
Given in recognition of making an outstanding contribution to the conservation of coldwater streams and their watersheds.
Certificates of Appreciation
May be given to chapter members, non-members, or other organizations of entities.
Award is presented for service contributions to chapter sponsored activities that are significant, but do not rise to the level of the Gold Trout Award or Silver Trout Award. 
Nominations can be submitted to the Chapter President or a Board Member with a written description of why the nominator believes the nominee is worthy of recognition. 
We will have a board member opening after Aprils meeting.  We are going to miss John Kaplan!  If interested contact Greg Olson at
We have plenty of need for volunteers in the near future!  We need you!  Please help the chapter make these events a success!
Workday this Saturday – March 5th, 7:30 until noon, the worksite is on the Upper Kinni at the DNR parking lot on Hwy 65, between Hwy 65 between Quarry and Liberty Roads.  We would appreciate any amount of time you can put in.  Contact Randy Arnold at
River Falls Earth Fest – Glen Park:
Kiap-Tu-Wish will have a booth at the event that takes place on Sunday April 24 from 2:00 – 5:00 P.M. Volunteers are needed to educate at our booth as well as assist at a fly casting station and fly tying demo area. We are also hoping to have a small display of some of the insects found in the Kinni. Volunteers needs are for the following: 

-Overall Booth – The usual answering questions about Kiap and helping those sign-up for areas they might be interested in learning more about.
-Fly Casting – Help assist people with basic fly casting instruction.
-Fly Tier – I’m sure the setup will be simple but if someone with skill was interested in planning on assisting people tie a basic pattern. 
Contact Greg Olson at if interested.
Rocky Branch Elementary ECO Week needs volunteers to assist kids with bug capture and ID on the lower Kinni, April 28th to 1:30-3 pm.  If you struggle with bug ID, like me, no worries – Dean Hansen will be there!  If interested contact Greg Olson at
Bugs in the Classroom!  We need to help Dean Hansen show, handle and identify aquatic insects to grade school kids at the following locations:  
Monday, May 2nd, Greenwood Elementary (River Falls)  9-10:45 am. 
Monday May 2nd, Amery Intermediate school 1:15 to 3 pm 
Tuesday, May 3rd, Rocky Branch Elementary (River Falls) 10:00 am-12:25 pm and then 1:30-3pm
If interested contact Greg Olson at
This year’s Fly-Fishing Clinic, sponsored jointly by Kiap-TU-Wish and River Falls Parks and Recreation, is set for Saturday, June 4th, from 1:00-9:00 in Glen Park. We’ve been conducting this clinic for years and we know that it’s always popular; we expect about twenty students. The clinic will cover casting, knot tying, entomology, fishing strategies and wading safety. The chapter will provide supper during a break at 5:00, and guided fishing in the evening. Our chapter members are invited to join us as instructors, mentors, guides and supper servers. Mark your calendars for June 4 and volunteer by contacting Mike Alwin at or Brian Smolinski at I guarantee you’ll have fun.
TCTU-KIAP Joint Kinni Funraiser – a reminder to check out the website and donate!  Let’s make sure to get all of the $15,000 TCTU match.  Talking to Duke Welter last night… well you know Duke, he suggested that we give $10 for every outing we have taken on the Kinni.  I told Duke, I’m not sure I can take out a second mortgage on the house and sell a car or two.  Anyway, you get the picture – we all fish and love the Kinni, lets meet the fundraising goal!

To donate, click here
To learn more about this project on the TCTU website, click here.
Upcoming chapter meetings – more on these to come, but the April 6th meeting will  be a short business meeting followed by presentations by Kasey and Nate!  The May meeting we will present chapter awards at Rush River Brewing!
Whew!  Like I said – a lot going on and we need your help to make it a success!  I just listed volunteer opportunities that had something for everyone!  Have a great weekend and try adding some drag to those stonefly presentations!

Take care,

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